### Share your skill ----- #### Sharing your skill with others Once you've created your personalized skill, you can share it with others to use on their own Alexa-enabled devices. You can choose to share your skill via email, text, WhatsApp, or social media including Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Recipients will receive a direct link where they'll be able to see details about your skill and have the ability to enable it for use on their own account. **Note,** all skills you share with others must abide by the [Content Guidelines](/help/terms?page=content-guidelines). Skills that violate Amazon's policies, or are reported for offensive or otherwise inappropriate content, will be reviewed by Amazon. By default, your skill is private so only you can use it until you share it. Once you share your skill, the recipients will receive a link with a custom note from you. This link can be copied and shared with anyone, not just friends and family in your contact list, so be cautious when sharing skills with private and sensitive information. For example, skills such as Babysitter, Pet Sitter, and House Guest may contain private information about your home life and schedule. #### Set up skill sharing To share your skill: 1. Go to the **Skills You've Made** page and select a skill. 2. Under **Access**, the status of your skill will automatically be set to **Just me**. 3. In the **Skill Actions** section, select the **Share With Others** link. 4. You can choose to share a link to your skill via email, text, or as a social media post. After you share your link, your skill's **Access** will be set to **Shared**. **Note,** for kid skills, a parent or guardian will need to give permission first to enable the skill for children. [Learn more](/help/terms?page=children-privacy-disclosure) To revoke access: 1. Go to the **Skills You've Made** page and select a skill. 2. Under **Access**, the status of your skill (if already shared) will be set to **Shared**. 3. Select the option to **Revoke**. 4. The **Access** of your skill will change to **Just me**. Once a skill is shared, the name cannot be updated. To edit the name, you'll need to revoke access to your skill first. 1. Go to the **Skills You've Made** page and select a skill. 2. Under **Access**, select the option to **Revoke**. The status of your skill will change back to **Just me**. 3. Choose edit icon next to the name of your skill. 4. After editing the name, go back to **Skill Actions** and select **Share With Others**. 5. When prompted, share the new link to your skill with recipients via email, text, or as a post over social media. #### Quick tips - Anyone that you share your skill with can use your skill, so avoid sending skills that may contain personal content about your home or private life. - As the skill creator, only you can update or delete your skill. Any changes you make will be immediately available to anyone you've shared your skill with. - Changing the access to **Just me** will remove access for everyone who you've shared the skill with and they will no longer be able to use your skill. - If you decide to share your skill again after revoking access, a new link will be generated that you can share with others. - At this time, you cannot share Custom Q&A skills with others or share skills with recipients outside of the country/language in which the skill is created. #### Receiving a skill You'll receive an email, text, or notification from your social media account with a personal message from the skill creator. The link in the message will take you to a skill detail page in Skill Blueprints where you can read about the skill and choose to enable it for your own account by selecting the **Enable Skill** button. To view details about the shared skill or to disable it, you'll need to access it in the Alexa App. Go to **Skills** \> **Your Skill** \> **Personal Skill**. You'll have the option to view details or disable the skill by selecting the **Disable Skill** button. **Note**, the skill creator can change the content or revoke access to the skill at any time. If you receive a skill that contains offensive or inappropriate content, which violates our [Content Guidelines](/help/terms?page=content-guidelines), please report a violation by using the link on the skill detail page that was shared with you.