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Birthday Trivia

Play to see who knows the birthday girl or boy best.

Hear a sample of Birthday Trivia

"Alexa, open Birthday Trivia."

Alexa: Welcome to the party. This game explores how well friends know the birthday person. The rules are simple. [...] This first question is for Nancy. If Rishi could go anywhere in this world, would it be Shimla, Paris, Disneyland or outer-space?


Alexa: Rishi, is that correct?..Right on..

####How to create 1. Customize the sample quiz 2. Leave the answers for party guests to provide 3. Manage how Alexa hosts the game 4. Pick a name for your skill ####How to use Throw a birthday party and invite Alexa. Form 2-4 teams, open your skill, and introduce yourselves. Each round: * Alexa asks one team a question * Alexa lets the guest of honor rate their answer. Great = 2 points, Good = 1 point, Wrong = 0 points. Alexa tracks the score - first team to 7 points wins.