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Task Chart

Schedule and track weekly chores for your entire household.

Hear a sample of Task Chart

"Alexa, open Task Chart."

Alexa: Hi there, You can hear the task list, log a task, or check the task score, what would you like to do?

"log a task."

Alexa: okay, for who?


Alexa: Karthik has three tasks today. One, give clothes for ironing, Two, boil the milk, Three, fill up the car, which task should I log?

### How to create 1. List out the members of your household. 2. Build a list of weekly tasks – as many as you want! 3. Assign and schedule tasks. 4. Name your skill. 5. Edit any time to change assignments or add more tasks. ### How to use Teach members of your household to open this skill on your home devices. Provide them with a list of questions Alexa can answer about their tasks. Keep track who has completed the most tasks by asking for the "task score." ### Tips Every week, Alexa tracks the tasks you log and gives you one point per completed task. Ask her anytime for the task score to find out who's winning so far. Also, you can assign the same task to multiple people, throughout the week.