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Listen and recall with this listening quiz skill.

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"Alexa, open Astronomy Prep"

Alexa: Let’s practice for your upcoming astronomy quiz. You’ll listen to a short section, then answer questions to test your comprehension. Here we go. For thousands of years, even before we had the word 'astronomy', humans have been looking up at the sky. As early as 1054 A.D., astronomers in China and Japan observed the explosion of the supernova which is still visible as the Crab Nebula. […] Okay let's test your comprehension now. What country, along with Japan, is the first known country to have observed a nebula in space?

"Um… China"

Alexa: Nice job. You answered my question correctly. Let’s continue.

####Description In this listening quiz skill, listen to some text and answer questions about it. ####How to create 1. Write a passage and break it down into sections 2. Write custom questions and answers for each section 3. Name your skill ####How to use 1. Open your skill 2. Follow Alexa’s instructions and listen to the content 3. Pay close attention and answer questions correctly 4. Try again and beat your high score ####Tips This blueprint is great for practicing listening quiz and recall. Try customizing the content for different levels or topics.