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Create a story and test your memory.

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"Alexa, open Spooky Story"

Alexa: You are spending the weekend at the palace of Raghunathpur, which in the 19th century put up big resistance to the British. Local residents shun it, saying that it is haunted by a ghost named Chandan. [...] Let’s explore. You hesitantly walk up to the third floor of the palace, where you're staying in the old king's room, called the Chand Mahal.[..] Creaks and groans can be heard behind the empty bookshelves and cupboards, which are lined with a few ancient books. [...] A distant voice echoes from the bookshelves[..]

"Hmm... the Chand Mahal"

Alexa: Sharp memory. It is the Chand Mahal.

####Description In this story quiz game, write a story with creative details, then test your listeners with tricky questions. ####How to create 1. Write a story with an introduction, multiple plot sections, and ending 2. Write custom questions and answers for each plot section 3. Customize the narrator’s prompts 4. Name your skill ####How to use 1. Open your skill 2. Follow Alexa’s instructions and listen to the story 3. Pay close attention and answer questions correctly 4. Beat the game by answering as many questions correctly as you can ####Tips Get creative with story details and tricky questions. Here are some examples to get you started: 1. Number of things: “How many birds did you hear by the pond?” 2. Types of things: “What kind of tree grows in the garden?” 3. Descriptions: “What color was the sign by the fountain?” 4. Where things are located: “Where was the mirror hanging?”